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RVAR Home Ownership Project Partners

It’s the annual RVAR Food and Wine Classic. The event raises funds to support local home ownership efforts through a partnership with Access. Those funds support down payment and closing cost assistance for first time homebuyers and others. Jodie Barnes and Joe Vollmar share how the Access programs work, while Jill Tompkins, Food and Wine Classic Co-chair shares info about RVAR’s largest event.

Appraisals: How Value is Established!

Property appraising plays a major role in a real estate transaction. Danee Fry, Certified General Appraiser, and Broker Colin Mullane, explain the process appraisers use to establish value of a property. They share insights into appraiser independence, licensing rules affecting the industry and do’s and don’ts when remodeling that affect value.

Job Creation Boosts Housing Market

Creating local jobs is not easy. SOREDI, Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development agency pursues a path of launch, prosper, and relocate, relating to job creation. Hear how successful they have been when Rob Merriman, SOREDI talks with Pete Belcastro and Joe Brett on today’s show.

Why We Need RVAR & SOMLS

You can tell a lot about a professional organization by the volunteer leaders who step forward to be an advocate for what they do. Vicki Fletcher and Rick Harris have a passion for real estate. Both share their vision as presidents of the two local organizations and the various ways RVAR and SOMLS are involved with the consumers and the public.

You are here: Home | Buyers and Sellers Information