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October 28, 2016 :: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Bigham Knoll Campus
Jacksonville, OR


October 28, 2016 :: Save the Date!
Bigham Knoll Campus
Jacksonville, OR


Dan Buck
Joshua Scott
Travis Causey


This year's keynote speakers are the head honchos of Moving Mountains.

Moving Mountains is a quiet little gem living in Grants Pass. It is a technology consulting company founded by Millennials and Ys, Xs and aging Boomers who cut their collective eye teeth on technology. They typed on a keyboard before they walked or, in the case of the Boomers, were nerds and so caught up quick. You get what I'm saying. In case you don't:

They are intuitive, immersed, fluid, survival-focused, engaging, and amazingly capable of explaining all things technological in laymen's terms. They are supple, agile, quick to move, successful – all the qualities you want to have to make you a top producer.

Please don't miss this opportunity to meet Dan, Josh and Travis, the owners of Moving Mountains and your future in this industry! They are worth the price of admission! Over the next month, we'll introduce them to you in video snippets on your Monday morning Member Update and on Facebook. Watch for them.