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Agent Safety Alert Program (ASAP) FAQs

Q: What does ASAP mean?
A: ASAP is an acronym that stands for "Agent Safety Alert Program."

Q: What is ASAP?
A: ASAP is a text based alert program that was created as a means to notify Rogue Valley Association REALTORS® of a possible safety threat.

Q: What is the criteria for an ASAP alert?
A: (1) The health, safety, or well-being of a REALTOR® or client is in imminent danger and/or (2) help is needed to locate a missing person, apprehend a suspect, and/or place other REALTORS® on notice of a possible threat.

Q: How does ASAP work?
A: A member calls the safety alert line at (541) 200-5327. If it is determined that an incident meets ASAP criteria, members will receive a text alert. The text will be similar to an Amber or weather alert, but will only be sent once, unless there are extenuating circumstances that require a second text.

Q: What type of information will be included in the text alert?
A: In 160 characters or less, the text will describe the incident and the general area in which the incident occurred. The text will also contain a link that the receiver can click on for additional information.

Q: Do I need to sign up to receive an ASAP alert?
A: Yes. You can opt in to ASAP here.

Q: Can I opt out of receiving an ASAP alert?
A: Yes. REALTORS® may opt out of receiving future alerts by texting STOP to (760) 670-3130.

Q: How will I know if an ASAP alert is sent?
A: You will recieve a text alert notifying you of the incident.

Q: How do I report an incident?
A: Incidents may be submitted to RVAR via phone at (541) 770-7060 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during normal business hours or (541) 200-5327 anytime, including after hours. Regardless of whether a report is submitted to RVAR, any safety issue should immediately be reported to local law enforcement.

Q: Will the reporting individual's name remain anonymous?
A: Yes. RVAR will only release an individual's name if it is that of a missing person.

Q: What if the reported incident does not meet ASAP criteria?
A: If an incident does not meet ASAP criteria for a text alert to be issued, the incident may still be posted on RVAR's safety webpage for members and the public to access.

Q: Will recieving an ASAP alert cost me any money?
A: If you have an unlimited texting plan, there will be no charge. If, however, you have a plan that charges for receiving texts, the charges will vary depending on the provider and plan.

Q: Where can I go to get information about ASAP alerts?
A: Members who receive an alert will be able to immediately access a link to RVAR's REALTOR® Safety webpage, which will have more information. Members and the public may go to RVAR's REALTOR® Safety webpage at any time to get information about current and prior alerts.

You are here: Home | REALTOR® Safety | ASAP FAQs