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Why You Need an Earth Advantage Home

Do you know what an Earth Advantage Certified Home really means? Probably not! You will, after hearing John Spillman, from Earth Advantage Homes talk about what it means to own and live in an EA home. He also shares what it means to re sell an Earth Advantage home and how many consumers are taking advantage of this and other programs.

Obtaining Title on Property

It takes a team of REALTORS®, lenders and escrow work to close a property transaction. Get the inside story of how that’s accomplished on the title and escrow side of things. Title officers, Donna O’Grady & Cynthia Simpson, share their experiences in searching property transactions and issues that come up as a result. They join Pete Belcastro & Joe Brett for today’s show on KMED. 

Changes in Mortgage Closings


It’s being pitched as a good thing for consumers – changes to mortgage closings. We discuss the changes coming to mortgage closings with three people needed to close a transaction – a broker, title officer and lender. Hear the story of how teamwork is needed more than ever from Rick Harris, owner/broker Coldwell Banker Pro West, Sandy Boughton, Mortgage Express and Cindy Fox, Escrow Officer at Ticor Title. This change comes from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and will effect every real estate transaction involving a loan. They join Pete Belcastro for today’s 300th Real Estate Show on KMED.


Property Values Are Up, Again

Property Tax Statement have been mailed, 120,000 of them. Hear how the county arrives at Real Market Value for your property and how new construction is valued. The answers might surprise you. Josh Gibson, county assessor also reports overall valuation for January 1, 2015 is 7% countywide with some places higher and some lower in value than a year ago. Josh and David talk with Pete Belcastro and Joe Brett for today's show.

Inside the Rogue Valley Association of REALTORS®


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