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Electrical Issues Facing Homeowners

Whether you build a new home, remodel a current home, or, are a do it yourself fixer, when it comes to electricity, hear this. Kimberly London and Tine Garvin know the building code rules regarding electrical issues. What needs a permit? Who can do what, you, or a licensed electrician?

Home Warranties for Buyers & Sellers

When would a buyer or seller need or want a home warranty? That is today’s discussion as Traci Hughitt brings that information to us. What is covered and not covered in a home warranty? How much does it cost? Can I keep it after my initial period. Join Traci along with Pete Belcastro, Joe Brett and Don McCoy on today’s show.

Rallying Around Real Estate Issues

There is a lot happening in the local real estate market that affects buyers and sellers. Rick Harris and Colin Mulane share the latest information and stats about local market conditions. Beyond that, hear about flood insurance issues, marijuana land issues and more.

Keeping Order in Real Estate Disputes

Real Estate transactions can sometimes turn out badly, throwing buyers and sellers, and their agents into a dispute. In real estate, mediation is a way to resolve such conflicts. Hear from Bruce Aydt and Tina Grimes how RVAR handles such complaints. It’s a fascinating look at leadership, ethics and training of local Ombudsman and mediators.

Building Permits

When is a building permit required? Do I need a permit for a fence? A garage conversion? A bathroom remodel? A room addition? Kimberly London, from Medford’s Building Dept. has the answers on today’s show. She talks about what is and is not needed and where and how to get through the permitting process.

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