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Real Estate, Estates & Trusts

Real estate, estates and trusts with attorney Gary Turner.

RVAR Colin Mullane, Full Circle RE

17 years of Rogue Valley Real Estate experience as Colin Mullane from Full Circle Real Estate joins Pete Belcastro. They review a robust 2018 and look to the year ahead.

House Masters Home Inspections

Home inspections remain a centerpiece of due dilligence for buyers and sellers. Kelly Skudstad from House Masters Home Inspections lends some insights into inspections for all involved.

Rogue River Watershed Council with Brian Barr

The Rogue River Watershed Council is another of the great environmental resources citizens in Southern Oregon have available to them. Brian Barr, Executive Director, udpates us on water stewardship projects and efforts.

Greg Stabek and Len Farr on Brownfields

Environmental issues and mitigations with Greg Stabek of the Rogue Valley Council of Governments and Len Farr from Stantek Consulting in Portland.

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