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REALTORS® Make a Difference in Lots of Ways!

Hear the story of how realtors in Southern Oregon contribute to our communities when Tina Grimes, RVAR Executive Director and Cheryl Faria, incoming RVAR President join Pete Belcastro and Joe on this program. They also talk about current real estate market conditions and RVAR and ACCESS programs that support First Time Homebuyers through the Home Foundation. Finally, its time for the annual Rogue Valley Food and Wine Classic that supports these amazing realtor supported programs.

What to Expect from the Lending Industry in 2018

Hear what the lending industry is offering in 2018 as the US economy continues to grow and demand for housing remains at a high level. Brian and Heather Case share what new products are out there for consumers to use during the year.

How new Tax Laws affect Homeowners?

If you buy, sell or invest in real property then the newly passed Tax Cut and Jobs Act is going to affect you in some way. Hear from Rick Harris and Colin Mullane about specific changes that affect the real estate market going forward.

RVAR/SOMLS Presidents Talk Market Trends

RVAR and SOMLS are two separate organizations that supp0rt Realtors and provide the statistics used in the real estate market. Hear what the two presidents think about the market, the latest stat information and what it means going forward in 2018 for buyers and sellers.

Using a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

With our economy strong, investors are looking for ways to improve their real estate portfolio. Hear why using a 1031 Exchange may be a vehicle to achieve that. Esther Auerbach, from Old Republic Exchange, and RVAR Instructor visits with Pete Belcastro and Joe Brett and explains various 1031 Exchange options available today. Whether you’re a small or large investor or just getting started, this information is for you.

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