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eKEY Update for iOS7

iOS7Soon, Apple will release the iOS7 operating system update for Apple devices. This will be a notable operating system update for Apple, and Supra is committed to ensuring a smooth transition to iOS7 for you. Current press indicates iOS7 will release in September 2013. We're targeting August 23rd as the date by which we want to help you be ready.

To ensure a smooth transition, two simple, but important actions will be necessary.

Important Action #1: Please sync your eKEY no later than Monday, August 12th. Simply turn on your device, open the eKEY application, and allow the sync to complete.
If you have not completed an eKEY sync in the last 45 days and you do not sync your eKEY by Monday, August 12 you may need to re-authorize your eKEY.

Important Action #2: By August 14th, Supra will release to the App Store an update to eKEY for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini. This eKEY update will contain important enhancements designed for compatibility with iOS7. Please note you must update your eKEY software to this new eKEY version prior to updating your operating system to iOS7. Updating your eKEY app is easy. Please refer to the diagram below. When your eKEY app shows that an update is available, simply follow these instructions. If you do not update your eKEY application prior to updating your Apple device to iOS7 you may need to re-authorize your eKEY.

How to update your eKEY app:


Please feel free to contact Supra Support at 1-877-699-6787 with any questions to help you prepare for iOS7.

You are here: Home | All News | eKEY Update for iOS7